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Welcome! My name is Shoshana Pulver

A Product Designer full of motivation, curiosity and passion for design and the arts.

Developing new features for the WishTrip app

WishTrip is a SaaS product which is constantly working in an agile environment. 

Organic Market

The development of Personas

Personas are based on research to help understand the users needs, experiences, behaviors and goals

Usability Testing

A method of testing the functionality of a website or app


WishTrip Mobile App

The WishTrip app helps destinations shape the tourist experience and helps them become smart tourist destinations.

WishTrip Wizard

A guided setup designed to assist users in configuring and customizing the software for their specific needs


About me

With over a decade of design experience and more than 4 years as the Product Designer at WISHTRIP, i get my passion and motivation from talking to people, asking questions and problem solving. I pride myself on my communication skills, my team spirit and my commitment to creating a quality product.

Some of my hobbies include grabbing coffee with friends, music, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

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