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Usability Testing

A method of testing the functionality of a website or app

Track usage

Get context behind what the users  are doing and why they’re doing it. Using six different types of heat-maps.​

Auto-tag for friction, errors, click-rage, and other UX frustration events so you know what to fix and where.

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Customer email feedback:

"I like the concept a lot. However the route animation is not working for me. Screen says creating movie of the journey but never ended up with any movie successfully. There must be bugs unless I'm missing anything."

"Really great app for saving all your memories, you can record your treks on the map, navigate, add images/video, voice and notes. I liked the live sharing feature. You can also discover sites and explore them. I really enjoy this app, and it keeps improving all the time."

"I can't find an option to export a trip I've made. The share button just creates a URL back to the wishtrip service."

A/B Testing

Using the A/B tecnique we tested how the users respond to the layout.


On one design the imagery was conceptual and on the other design people and faces were used.


The results came in and there was a clear winner - the users prefer to see faces they can relate to on screen.

it makes the experiance more personalized. 

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